How Much Should a Boiler Service Cost?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The cost of boiler servicing is something of an unknown to many people; not surpising given that it's not a regular expense. So when someone is looking to have a boiler serviced, how will they know what to pay, and, more importantly, how will they know that their boiler service cost will not be a rip off or break the bank?

Firstly, lets understand why your boiler needs servicing in the first place. Like any piece of equipment whether it be your car or a mechanical watch, regular maintenance is crucial. Not only does it ensure your equipment is performing at its best, it also acts as a prevenative measure to avoid premature failure. Furthermore, it's a great opporitunity to give a thorough inspection to make sure there aren't any imminent problems. A boiler service is recommened at least once a year and is often a requirement to maintain the manufacturer's warranty.

Choosing a reputable West London Gas Engineer to secure a price for servicing your boiler will invariably start online. You can read how to find a reputable plumber HERE but that's just the start. Asking for a clear and transparent price is the next stage. Most reputable engineers will have open and easy-to-understand pricing, as they know what will be involved in a boiler service. If your boiler is a quirky or unusual model, this may impact the price quoted, as may your location or indeed the location of the boiler itself.

This information should be made clear at the time of the booking so that there are no nasty surprises when the engineer send their bill for work carried out. Much of the work involved in servicing a boiler includes cleaning and inspection but this can only be carried out by an accredited Gas Safe Engineer.

Vaillant boiler inspection

Britannia Plumbers have a team of Gas Safe Engineers on hand to provide boiler servicing and accompanying Gas Safety certificates if required. Should the inspection flag any issues, we are on hand for boiler diagnosis or repair.

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